Say it with tees this season

There is just something about self-expression. Now you can do it without saying a word. Life is full of amazing experiences and t-shirts are an excellent way of aligning yourself to something; be that a great cause, a message, or even nothing. One thing we all seem to love in the office is coffee. The day usually starts with multi-layered aromas of various coffee blends emanating from coffee mugs, coffee tumblers, coffee cups - you name it and the goodness wafts through the air. It is truly one of our favourite times of the day and our 'fuelled by coffee' tees are a stylish way to declare membership of the coffee lovers' club.

I recently tried a keto coffee - also sometimes called a keto butter coffee or bullet-proof coffee. Talk of buttery coffee had made the rounds in the office for a while and so I gave in and tried it and it was really quite tasty. Better still, it has amazing benefits for brain function, energy and cognitive performance. Have you ever tried a keto coffee before? Let us know and share your favourite recipes

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