Christmas Tees

Christmas is our favourite time of the year and the naffer they are the better. In recent years, the 80's style Christmas jumpers have really made a come back and are a great excuse for every one at the office to turn up looking ridiculous, snap pictures, stuff a few Christmas puddings and have a good laugh at the terrible pictures afterwards. O joy!

You can't been a good xmas jumper, especially the ones with 3D add-ons. This year, we decided to think outside the box and try to create a set of Christmas conversations-starter Tees to rival the traditional jumpers. Possible? Well, they will not keep you as warm, but they can by just as colourful and statement-driven. What do you think.

Help us create the perfect Christmas Tee by sending us suggestions of what a perfect would be for you and enter our prize draw to win a 25% off voucher.
To Enter, you need a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook account. Share this page to Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and tell us commenting what you think makes the ideal Christmas Tee. Tag us (Twitter: teewithhoney1, Instagram: teewithhoney, Facebook: TeewithHoney) and three friends. We will review your the page over the next few days and enter you in the prize draw.